Person Centered Therapy.

Person Centered Therapy is also known as the 'Therapeutic relationship'. This is because the quality of the relationship between you and I is going to be the most important element of your counselling.

 Of course my qualifications and experience are important, as are the issues and themes of your life that you bring to the sessions and your ongoing commitment to attending sessions regularly and frequently (that can sound a little scary I know).Working on yourself and your process is hugely important but without a relationship of impeccable quality everything else is a moot point. 

So a Therapeutic relationship of fine quality is one of the few agendas that I bring to our sessions. A relationship free from judgment where you will be listened to, valued and respected as a human being and as an equal. 

My aim to see us both as equals is about two people coming together  collaboratively  to talk about you and your life and explore that space between us that we both contribute to, there are two people in the room and only one expert and that's not me, I'm not the expert here, you are, you are the expert on you. I fully believe that you know what it is that hurts and what needs to be spoken about which Is why I won't tell you that you are wrong and why Won't tell you what to do with your life or your situation but I will listen, I will do my best to hear you and for you to feel like you have been heard.

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