I'm Lee and I'm a Person Centered Therapist. 

If you feel that therapy might be useful to you then you are probably right. I feel that most people could benefit from therapy as life is anything but easy.

 You might feel something stronger than that, perhaps you feel that you want some help with an aspect of yourself, your relationships or your life ,if so then you are probably right as well. 

If you feel like taking a step further check out my services page to find out more about Person Centered Therapy and what I offer. 

Working in a Person Centered way has given me the experience to work with a diverse range of issues and theme's from depression and anxiety to divorce, grief and guilt and while I could expand on that list of labels and words  (which is within the training and experience section)I feel it more important to say that my experience has given me a really important sense of personal and professional development in working with people.

 whatever people have brought to my therapy room, the themes and the issues come second to the far-reaching and meaningful concern that no matter what  was brought, that it was brought by people who were suffering in one way or another.

 And that brings me to my agenda as a therapist which is to find out with you how to remove unnecessary suffering from you and your life and while I can make no promises that therapy is right for you or that you will get everything that you want from it I can tell you that I will strive to work with you to the best of my abilities so long as I can ethically do so and for as long as you allow me to. 

If you want something that you never had, then you have to do something you have never done.

Thomas Jefferson.

What is counselling?.

Clients that are new to counselling are sometimes unsure what exactly to expect from counselling or their therapist. Counselling is a process where by you and I meet, usually once a week (sometimes more, sometimes less) in order for you to talk about yourself, your life and usually the aspects of your life that you find difficult to deal with or that you feel are causing you distress. 

This could be almost anything from a sense of anxiety or depression to the loss of a loved one or the break up of a relationship. This is of course not a complete list of issues that clients sometimes bring to therapy but they certainly are some of the issues that I work with in the therapy room. 

During the session which usually lasts an hour I will for the majority of the time concentrate on you and the issues that you bring to therapy though sometimes clients have questions about their therapist which is perfectly natural to have.

 As the sessions progress and the weeks pass we will build a greater awareness of your issues and how they affect you . As we continue to explore the issues that you bring to therapy your growing sense of self-awareness will offer a sense of clarity and the possibility for you to challenge those aspects of yourself that might not be serving you or your life and this is hopefully the key to change.


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